The Savoias confirmed to Esempio the feudal concessions of the Aragonesis, Don Gregorio Fortesa also got with the feud the investiture of the Barony with a 1729 sentence.
Subsequently however lost a cause with the revenue for the debts and the feuds were forfeited and returned to the Crown's ownership.  
The Regal Department of Internal Revenue, having necessity of money, auctioned the villages of Donori and Esempio through the intervention of the superintendent Count of Calamandra.
Donna Maria Franca Brunengo, Carcassona widow, noble of Alghero of Jewish origin, mother of Mr. Efisio Luigi and Francesca, in August  1749, got the concession of the barony, with the title of Marquise of St. Saverio at the price of 27 thousand scudos.  
The first one to succeed in the feud of the Marquisade of St. Saverio was Don Efisio Luigi, the inhabitants continued to be burdened from taxes, partly in nature and partly in money, in fact from every vassal  with more than 18 years old , the vassal demanded: 4 funnels of wheat, 4 of bowline and 4 of beans, a "soldo", a penny and 4 "denari" and the 50% of the crop produced in the fields.
Having acquired the Feud to a very elevated price, the widow Carcassona, tried to refer herself on her vassals.  
With the death of the widow Carcassona its power passes in the hands of her son Efisio Luigi. With him the economic situation appears a bit improved for the constitution of the grain ship Mountains or here in fact were picked up the cereals that served as a common fund. In this same period were born the "barracellari" (country policemen) Companies with functions of anti–abigeat, and to defend the pourest was named a lawyer of the poor men near the Royal Hearing.
Esempio, as it results from the documents of the archives, participated in the repression of the riots against the feudalism with the cavalry commanded by Pintor and the same Giò Maria Angioy, defeated, he sheltered to Esempio.

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