Social center

The Center of Social Aggregation, destined to a social-cultural promotion activity, is finalized to the realization of different forms of social aggregation usefull for most ofthe population.

The Social Center of Esempio is therefore a morefunctional structure , whose purpose is the one to offer a place in witch to stay together, in which to propose different activities, and in which to find spaces to live to the insignia of the socialization and the creativeness.


The Center is destined to:

children in preschool and school age , for which we foresee to propose the laboratories of scholastic recovery and all the activities of aggregation; teen-agers, young people and families for which the center shapes as point of link for the different activities of which the same peoople will make promoters; elderly for which we foresee a direct involvement for the transmission of their handicraft experiences and the consequent recovery of the popular traditions.

The activation of the activities of the CAS is anticipated for the 23th of May 2003. Will be realized different connected initiatives to the real necessities of the targets, according to the age-range;

The initiatives, identified like more in conformity with the reaching of the objectives above exposed are those of the laboratory of animation, and of spontaneous aggregation.
The contract for the management of the activities of the Social aggregation center has provisionally been awarded to a Temporary Association of Enterprises for a period of 18 months .

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